hello every one i messing around with my camera settings and changed the color to black and white turned flew and then turned off my drone and the next day i go to fly the video feed is in black and white so i go to change it i go to the camera osd setting but when i select it the whole osd disappears and the camera settings are not showing up i turn the drone off and it wont arm i tried to get it to arm but it didn't work so i took it home and reset the tx wizard it would arm but its in black and white and the same thing happens as last time (osd is not showing up wont arm) so try to re flash osd but my laptop lost power now this is what im trying to fix
when plugged in it does one small beep then normal beeps the leds on the back go all white while beeping then when the beeping stops they go red the red led on the fc flashes really fast then stays solid and the blue led has 4/5 sec flashes the computer will not pick up a usb unless you use the brick osc procedure you can flash the firmware
but it stops after like 4 secs at the same place every time i even got a new pdb and fc it showed video feed and could connect to computer no problem but could not get past tx wizard as it kept changing receiver modules it would beep sbus beep skertrum 1048 and so on so i went to update and it stared but soon it said serial port problem and i unplugged and the same thing happened and i really dont want to buy another fc and pdb and the only way i can connect is the bricked osd procedure and it stops flashing at extacly the same place i have no idea how to fix this would any one know how btw sorry for bad grammar and spelling