I'm working on a vortex 285 trying to help a friend. ran the latest update osd and 3.1.7 hex. used the chrome tool vortex updater and like said it says here it always times out.

anyway so in betaflight it shows its updated. so trying to get it to hookup to the receiver the screen comes up and for about 5 seconds that shows its looking for it then stops. he's using a lemon receiver and ppm with a spektrum transmitter.

any help on this would be appreciated.

second thing and it might be related is the led board only comes up in red unless you push the button on it. but if you push the button for the 2 seconds for the tx reset or the longer time for the other function there isn't any beep , only color change and its red green blue. on here i read its the ribbon cable, does that sound right.