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Thread: Are wireless ISP towers worse than cell towers for potential interference?

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    Are wireless ISP towers worse than cell towers for potential interference?

    Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than I can chime in here. I know (think) cell towers are pretty low wattage in both receiving and transmitting, but what about wireless ISP towers?

    I live in a semi rural area, and there are now two wireless ISP towers within a few hundred meters of my house. I know for awhile they were using 900, 2.4 & 5.8, and in the last couple of years the tech support guy with the one I use said they upgraded to new OFDM technology recently, but I don't know if or how that corresponds to what frequencies they use.

    When I flew with my standard 1.2 & 5.8 fpv gear I could choose frequencies outside the ones that my ISP used as the tech guy let me know which ones they used, but with my DJI birds I don't have that control, and lately I have been getting a lot of radio interference warnings.

    Had a weird one last night, I sent my Phantom 4 out on a litchi mission, once it was started I went up with my newer Phantom 4 Advanced to watch it from above & right off the get go I was getting such strong interference I was almost getting no video at all, and the bird was really close & within line of sight the entire time. The next flight I sent up the Advanced first, put it in a stationary hover, then flew up my P4 (just in FPV mode, not waypoint) beside it, took turns flying each copter while videoing each other - and I had no interference at all. I don't know if the litchi app has anything to do with video transmission during waypoint missions or it was just a coincidence the strong interference was when I was running one on a waypoint mission.

    Anyways, back to the towers question - because (I assume) ISP towers are constantly transmitting a data stream outwards, are they going to be a lot worse for interference than cell or other towers?

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    I've tried to block the microwave link, my quad not big enough

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