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Thread: Help: How do you charge TBS Crossfire Transmitter?

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    Help: How do you charge TBS Crossfire Transmitter?


    Someone new to FPV and cannot find any information that tells me how to charge the TBS Crossfire Transmitter. I tried connecting the USB cable to my computer and left it connected for several hours, but I don't believe that charged it at all (or perhaps extremely slowly). I see the TBS Crossfire Transmitter came with a XT30 to JST cable. Is this what I'm supposed to use to charge it? Buy this connector ( and hook it up to one of my 4S drone batteries? Or can I charge the TBS Crossfire Transmitter through my Taranis X9D plus radio?

    I looked over the TBS Crossfire manual but I don't think it covers how to charge it; very surprising and a bit frustrating for someone new like me.

    Any help /pointers are appreciated!

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    TBS transmitter has no internal battery. You have to connect it to battery. In manual you will find what voltage is allowed. I do use in my relay station 2P2S Li-Ion pack because same power is used for fan in relay station and jeti receiver too.
    More details about a relay station:

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    Charge it? It runs off of an external battery, there's no battery built in!
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    Yeah I just plug it in to a transmitter box, same as Sander.
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