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Thread: EzUHF 433Mhz - Failsafe Hunting

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    EzUHF 433Mhz - Failsafe Hunting

    Hey Guys.
    I having problem with this.

    When TX and RX on the RX goes to failsafe every 1-2 sec.
    I meassured the PPM signal. It's ok!
    In TX with USB Cable PPM signal ok and see all the channels.

    It's like failsafe hunting on off on off. Both have 1.26 FW.

    I found the same problem: https://fpvlab.com/forums/showthread...-lost-to-EZUHF


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    1.26 firmware

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    Super old firmware, it might be time to update it / make sure both versions match.Then make sure they are both set to the same amount of RF channels or it can cause this type of glitching.
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