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Thread: Today We Reinvents the FPV Drone: ZinkyUFO- World's 1st Mixed Reality FPV Nano Drone

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    Today We Reinvents the FPV Drone: ZinkyUFO- World's 1st Mixed Reality FPV Nano Drone

    Today We Reinvents the FPV Drones

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    ZinkyUFO are the world 1st Mixed Reality & FPV Drone.

    ZinkyUFO is the a smart aircraft that truly allows you to feel the gift of flight and the feeling of being tiny with Mixed Reality Experience. A small apartment becomes a vast terrain worthy of taming. Control the ZinkyUFO flying like superman to hunt down monsters in your room with lots of FUN
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    How to Play ZinkyUFO
    The first drone of its kind, ZinkyUFO brings your perspective down to a smaller range of size through our Non Latency Video with mixed reality interface. you can fly like Superman across your ceiling or race a band of aliens across the constellation made up of the four corners in your kitchen. ZinkyUFO puts you into the pilot's seat, making drone racing into a more personal and more immediate experience than it has ever been before.
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    Reason we start ZinkyUFO Project

    We are working for FPV drone racing for 5 years, we love FPV because its cool and make you addicted to it, when you flying you can have out of body experience like superman, but flying FPV drones are not easy for beginners, the whole set equipment are include FPV drones, remote controller, FPV google or screens, cost about 1000-2000USD, and require lots time to practice and repair, and need the empty place to practice, the speed are unto 100KM/H, so sometime can be dangerous. that's why not many people are taste the fun of FPV flying.
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    we decide to making the Ready To Fly FPV drone set under 200USD, must be safe, easy to control, tough, link with phone with real time, and easy to record and share the videos, we use the Racing drone 48-channel 5.8G FPV system on ZinkyUFO and link with phone without latency, plus Mixed Reality technology it bring this experience into another levels with flying colors.
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    What is FPV?
    First Person View Drone racing puts you in control of a drone at a high speed: pilots get an out of body experience, and you will feels like a superhuman when you fly in FPV. The video relays in real-time, and features include WiFi, FPV VS, and 5.8GHz FPV, making this solution both high-quality and affordable.

    WiFi FPV VS Digital FPV VS 5.8GHz FPV

    • WiFi FPV: Very affordable, but suffers from lag
    • Digital FPV: Very expensive but video image are HD, once lost signal will blue screen
    • 5.8GHz FPV: Best of the three. Used in hobby and professional grade RC drones racing using 5.8G FPV with FPV Goggle/Monitor

    For more information please click: 5.8G FPV VS WIFI FPV

    What is Mixed Reality?

    Mixed reality (MR) merges the real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time. Mixed reality takes place not only in the physical world or the virtual world, but is a mix of reality and virtual reality.

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    The Video Latency Test: ZinkyUFO VS DJI

    ZinkyUFO 5.8G Video to the Phone delay best results are only 0:00.00.10 (10MS)

    DJI's Digital Video Transmitter to the Phone delay best results are 0:00.00.30 (30MS)
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    Mixed Reality – The World First MR Drone

    We had most difficulty for adding the Mixed Reality into the game, as there are no engines support for Drone Cameras videos link yet, we study that drones related with AR in the market, eg, AR DRONE and Drone Prix for DJI, none of this APP are developed based on AR engines.

    Situated at the crossroads between our world and the virtual world, mixed reality is an advanced tech concept that involves generating new environments based on the environment that you already exist it. This is not quite virtual reality, but as you will see once you are inside ZinkyUFO, it is not quite our world either. Rather, it is a thrilling and completely unique mix of the two.
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    ZinkyUFO – We Have Liftoff

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    play with friends

    ZinkyUFO is capable of auto-hovering, and it runs on a powerful, heavy-duty, 65000RPM motor. Operating on a 230Mah battery, it can remain in flight for a full six minutes, and the cockroach frame and protective structure ensure durability. There are two different speed levels, a headless mode, and a low-voltage alarm, and right out of the box, ZinkyUFO is ready to cruise. The shrouded propellers make it safe to fly anywhere, even around kids and pets, and you can fly it anywhere drones are permitted (under 250g, lighter than what the FAA classifies as a drone).
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    Simple Controls & Tough Design

    You shouldn't even need to think about crashing, though, because ZinkyUFO's controls are simple, intuitive, and easy to pick up. Spend just 5 minutes with ZinkyUFO and you will be zipping around in it in no time – hovering, flipping, spinning, looping, and of course, landing! Toggle the lights off and on and get started (and get home) with a single key-press. It's just that simple.
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    Crashes may happen, but ZinkyUFO won't break: the flexible, tough cockroach Frame that make up ZinkyUFO's outer shell mean that you can bring it to the ground again and again without nary a worry. ZinkyUFO – it may be tiny, but it's ultra-tough!

    ZinkyUFO-Game of Drones APP

    ZinkyUFO-Game of Drones is the mixed reality game APP that we have developed alongside ZinkyUFO, and it works with both iOS and Android devices. You can access a large world of characters, landscapes, cockpits, and content in Game of Drones, even using one of our special ZinkyUFO stickers to place a monster somewhere in the game (just by placing the sticker somewhere in the real world ).
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    Launch on 28th May 2019 Kickstarter

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    Launch on 28th May 2019 Kickstarter

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    Send me one, I'll review it.

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