I bought some base sd's earlier this month and every so often when I'm using them this black pattern that looks like artifacting or something appears on the screen. I'm wondering if the lcd driver is bad because the top of the goggle right between the screen also gets pretty hot even when its only on for a few minutes. I'm worried that when I try them on a plane that will fly for 20-30 minutes or better they're just gonna die mid flight and I'll lose the plane.

I've contacted the company I bought them from and they said the heat was normal and to take a picture of the black pattern on the screen. My only problem is the pattern only appears for 10 or 15 seconds in the middle of use and I have no way of knowing when it will happen. Anyone hear have an idea what's going on with them? It's barely been 2 weeks since I got them and I'm worried they'll die or the pattern will stay on the screen one of these times but, at least then I could get a picture of it haha.