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Thread: tramp output with powermeter

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    tramp output with powermeter

    ive just bought a immersion powermeter v2, to test my tramp vtx outputs, im a bit puzzled why both of them when set to 600mw only put out around 400mw instead of anywhere near the 600?
    every setting on them both is low too , ive matched the mhz on the powermeter to match the vtx and quite poor results really? vtx and powermeter are supposed to be factory calibrated so do i assume both my vtx's
    are poor ? or am i doing something wrong? im testing with the meter connected to the pigtail not through the whip antenna on it (scully mode)?
    any advice greatly apreceated ..

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    I have found very few VTX that put out the rated power using both V1 and V2 of the ImmersionRC meters. They will tell me if VTX working or not and because my 400mw 1.2 GHz was less than 200mw I got a 600mw transmitter and it shows just above 500mw and immediately gave my GPS unit fits. Had to separate antennas and raise the GOS antenna and things worked.

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