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Thread: Please help! I'm close to just giving up on hobby

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    Please help! I'm close to just giving up on hobby

    Hi all. I've finished with my first build. It's a Armattan Gecko frame with HGLRC f428 stack, TBS Unify pro nano VTx, and HGLRC 1407 Flame motors. I felt it was pretty easy to build, no confusion really. But a handful of flights in, my video dropped in the middle of a power loop. Upon gathering the quad I found my antenna was detached from the VTx. Dont know if this was the cause, everything was still powered on except the VTx. It smelled fried. So assuming that, I bought another nano VTx. I've installed it and I'm not getting any power to it at all.
    I should note that using a multi meter on the leads coming from the 5v vtx pad on the FC is drawing all 15.5 volts from my 4s lipo. Is that right. If so, what could be wrong?

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    Did you figure it out? I don't understand your description is the 5V pad really delivering 15V? What voltage do you measure for the pins that power the rx? Can you post some pictures?

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