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Thread: EZUFH 2W power output issue

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    EZUFH 2W power output issue


    Could anyone please assist me with an issue.

    I have two EZUFH 2W transmitters which are flashed to the newest firmware 1.53 EzUHFFirmware_Tx2W.fw

    The tickbox is enabled for 2w power and to be operated via the toggle switch on the module. They are powered by an external LIPO.

    I have tested the power output using a power meter + 30db attenuator as recommended by the power meter instructions.

    On low power I measure only 25mw, mid power = 50mw and high = approx 119mw

    I take it there is an issue with both my transmitter modules or am I missing something?


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    What battery are you using

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    Not to worry. The tx module had failed and has been disposed of.

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