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Thread: Angle mode with INAV not working

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    Angle mode with INAV not working

    Hi everyone,

    I decided to build a Sky Shadow S800 with a matek f405 fc on which I flashed INAV. When I went to the field and threw the thing in the air with manual mode everything is fine but as soon as I switch into angle mode the wing starts ponting to the ground and I have no idea why. In the setup-tab the movement of the box representing my wing looks good and I also flew a bit in autotune and saved these values after saving some starting values from a tutorial manually.

    Could anyone please help me?

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    You have to check it first in ground. Check behavior of angle mode in ground and see how it perform when you move the wing to the right left, nose down/up... Check if angle mode is able to compensate.

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    The ailerons are moving slowly to turn on the left side, when I turn it to the right but it still just tips to one side in the air and keeps tumbling to the ground

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