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Thread: Matek F411-wing + FrSky R9 mini wiring and/or setup issues

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    Matek F411-wing + FrSky R9 mini wiring and/or setup issues

    I'm in need of some expertise related to FCs and sbus receivers as I'm new to both.

    I have a Matek F411-wing and am using it with
    a FrSky R9 mini RX. I have everything wired up from the receiver as shown here on Matek's site:

    I also have the ports configured as shown in the bottom-right of the above photo.

    When the battery is plugged in (using a smoke stopper) everything seems correct. When I move the board around I can see and hear the servos trying to stabilize the movement.

    That said, I cannot get any response from inputs on my TX (FrSky X-lite). I have it set to use the external module (R9M, FCC, ch1-16,
    s-port on). It appears to be bound correctly. But the only response I can get from the servos is by flicking a switch I have set to disable/enable the throttle cut. When flipped my channel 3 servo moves a little. When flipped back it moves back the other way. Knowing this, it appears my RX is bound but something in my wiring or configuration is obviously not right.

    I'm unsure of the F411 blinking light codes, but the red light is steady, the blue light blinks slowly, and the green light blinks quickly.

    ANY ideas that you all might have would be greatly appreciated.
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