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Thread: rapidFIRE OSD not working properly

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    rapidFIRE OSD not working properly

    I believe the rapidFIRE OSD is not working correctly in my FatShark HDO goggles, the following is a description of the behavior I am experiencing.

    In the following explanation I have a TX transmitting on Race 4 (R4), when I say 'joystick' I mean the rapidFIRE joystick.

    If I press the joystick up or down the OSD menu with the 8 channels does not appear on the screen as I would expect but if I take the goggles off the channels are indeed changing.
    With the goggles on as I push up or down I just see white noise until I find a channel then the menu appears but the OSD displays the wrong channel. If I cycle thru the channels pushing down joystick when I arrive at R4 the OSD then appears with R3 highlighted, if I take the goggles off I see I'm on actually on R4 not R3. If I don't press anything the menu disappears 3 seconds later leaving the video picture which is on R4.

    If I use the joystick up button when I arrive at R4 the OSD then appears but shows I'm on R5, if I take the goggles off I see on the external screen I'm on R4 not R5.

    So not only is the menu not coming on when I would expect it to come on to show me the channel but when it does come on it's showing the wrong channel.

    If I press the center joystick the menu appears and I can navigate around as expected, but when I come to band scan there is some weird behavior going on here too. It is possible to get the screen to go completely black and pushing joystick any way doesn't take it off the black screen, I have to cycle the power to get the picture back.

    When I first went through this I just thought this was how it was, I thought this OSD is pretty useless, then I watched Joshua Bardwell's video on You-Tube where I saw how it was supposed to work and I thought wow that looks pretty good.

    I've flashed the firmware on rapidFIRE to 1.2.6 with no errors, I have also tried 1.2.7 and its the same.

    Is this repair job or is there something I can try to fix this?

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    For me, Firmware update 1.2.8b solved this.

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    Theres a "b"??? I saw a 1.2.6 release and a 1.2.8 beta (no 1.2.7 lol?!) but no "b".

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