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Thread: rapidFIRE video issues

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    rapidFIRE video issues

    I have a rapidFIRE receiver on Fatshark HD0 goggles.

    Everthing works normally on most quads. I recently got a BabyHawk R 3 inch quad. On this quad the video seems normal than all of a sudden goes inverse and starts scrolling across the screen. Here is an example:


    You can see the bad behavior at about 50 seconds into the video. I tried viewing with other receivers and don't see the problem.

    The store where I bought my gear suggested to try switching from rapidFIRE to legacy mode and it seems to work, but I haven't tested much.

    Has anyone seen this behavior before? Any recommendations?

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    I have seen the exact thing on one of my Tiny Whoops. I'm not sure what the cause is, but I think it's something to do with the whoop combo board. That's the only quad it's happened with. There is actually 3 settings on the Rapid fire. #1, #2, and Legacy. When I was having the problem, I switched to #2 and never had it happen again. If I switched back to #1, it would happen again. The only visible difference with #2 is that you don't get the RapidFire OSD on the screen.
    I have since swapped some FC boards around and did some firmware updates, and I don't see that issue any more....even on #1.
    So, perhaps make sure your Rapidfire and babyhawk FC are all flashed to the newest versions?


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