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Thread: Defiant 63 Build and Photo Log

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    Defiant 63 Build and Photo Log

    Decided to to photo document my build. Hopefully it can help with your build.

    Ordered this great kit from Shawn Shepard at Defiant wings. Definitely check out his stuff.. Well designed wings and great support. https://www.defiantwings.com

    This wing is going to be fun!

    The kit arrived !

    Well packed with a lot in the box:

    So it begins! Taping the beds together with concrete tape.

    Sections are glued together with welders and spars placement has been drawn on in pen

    Cutting in slots for the spars

    Spars have been glued in with welders and now itís packed tightly in the beds (in parchment paper) and weighted down to dry for the night

    All dry and time to sand

    Getting ready to cut in the battery bays

    New blade and Iím ready to cut

    Cutting in a relief for the battery bay cover

    Cutting the main electronics bay is done. Battery bay floors glued in.

    Cutting relief for main bay floor

    Getting ready to glue in coroplast main bay floor

    Installed magnets to hold down bay covers glued with CA

    CG check with components taped in place

    Covers glued on. Getting ready to cut in motor mount and elevons

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    Elevons taking shape

    Time to attach the elevons with goop hinges

    Scraping goop

    Gooped and about to cut edges and remove tape

    Tape edges cut. Tape removed and ready to dry

    Tape removed. Hinges are done. They are solid!

    Rounded relief for propeller for less stress fracture risk

    Ready to cut in the motor slot

    Slicing in servo holes. Will you pick and pluck method to remove foam

    3m90 to make sure lam adheres well

    Servo testing

    Lengthening servo wires

    Laying out equipment


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    Pick and pluck again for singularity 1.3 antenna

    Dragonlink received and antenna installed

    Gently pressing in twisted wire with popsicle stick

    Holes to main bay melted in with heated rod

    Shock cord added to rear area around motor for added strength

    Glueing in servos and weighed down to dry

    Time for lam

    And then monokote

    Bottoms done

    Now for the top

    Finally cutting in the motor mount

    Motor mount glued in and weighed down for the night to dry

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    Time for some accents

    Inspired by my deceased and beloved TBRC 60 (another awesome big wing)

    Cutting in the 3D printed TPU GOPro7 camera nose

    She’s done!

    Can’t wait for the maiden!


    Dual Gensace 5000 5s lipos
    400mw 1.3 vtx
    Singularity 1.3 antenna sidefed
    Dragonlink and dipole
    100amp Turnigy plush esc
    Cobra 3520-980kv motor
    App 11x7 prop
    Hitec 645mg servos

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    Very nice build!! Can't wait to see it in the air!

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    Nice build Mark! Thanks for sharing. Def looking forward to hearing how the maiden goes.

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