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Thread: Teleporter v3 right screen powers on grey then goes normal (sort of.)

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    Teleporter v3 right screen powers on grey then goes normal (sort of.)

    Hi, I bought a secondhand pair of teleporter v3 goggles and when I first plug the battery in the left screen is fine but the right screen has the same image but a grey colour covers most of it and then fades away to normal picture after about 1min. The goggles then work fine for about 10mins and then horizontal lines start to appear in the right screen starting as 1 pixel high and increasing until about 10mins when they go away and the goggles then work normally for the rest of the session . If I use the zoom button it reduces the horizontal lines but they are still there. I can also notice a very slight red tinge to the right screen if I alternate closing one eye then the other to compare screens.
    Has anyone seen this issue, I am hoping it could just be a loose connector to the screen but I haven't opened them yet to check. The fact that once this problem goes away it doesn't return again for the current session gives me hope it will be something fixable.

    EDIT: attached left screen working normal and right screen with horizontal bars.
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    The issue seems to be related to the Rx, when I use the goggles with av in I don't have the issue with the lines on the screen. I am going to try replacing the Rx (I know they are soldered in on the teleporters) with the Rx module in my dominator v1's when my diversity Rx arrives on the slow boat from China and see if that fixes it.

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