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Thread: Kiddo found a quad in a school field with ARDUPILOT. How to extract GPS data?

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    Kiddo found a quad in a school field with ARDUPILOT. How to extract GPS data?

    Hey guys... Its been a while.

    My son came home with his friend the other day, and pulled a 450 size quad out of his backpack.

    The quad had an ardupilot flight controller, and no other markings whatsoever. Besides posting on local facebook forums, I got this brilliant idea to fire up the ardupilot and see if I could find a previous GPS lock location from possibly the owner's house. After downloading MissionPlanner and learning how to download the logfiles, I cannot seem to find any information on the actual GPS data in the logfile.

    Is anyone familiar with ARDUPILOT and MissionPlanner that could steer me in the right direction? I want to get this unit back to its owner, but so far cannot seem to get any useful data from the LOG file, or the seemingly empty KMZ file it generates.

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    Lucky find! Take it no owner name info on the quad... Still trying to figure out the apm flight controller, not sure about its data logging since I haven’t been able to where to download through Missionplanner. Been using Vector on several planes just so I could get a flight track saved up.

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    try craigslist. And good old flyer on pole next to park. i have never had a facebook. perhaps that person doesn't use it either.

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    Been a while but I wonder how you got on.
    My experience is with QGround Control.
    Normally the program (if it was programmed) would stay in the FC and can be saved as a file. Then QGC can bring up the flight plan.
    However, if it was flown with a TX then I doubt you will get any useful info from it.

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