I have read some of the manual for the Mojo and it says that the biggest LiPo it's rated for is a 4s HV so 15.2V. However, I couldn't find any info on this after doing some Googling.

I imagine the motors and ESCs can take a 5s LiPo for example, as most components now are usually rated for those voltages. I would like to get some more power out of this thing but I really don't want to risk frying it, so do any of you know (or has tried) whether it would be okay for certain to run 5s? Without frying or damaging the PDB/FC or any of the other components of course. (This might be a dumb question, sorry if it is).

Also, just for standard 4s, what LiPo's are you all running and would recommend for best performance? Like brand, C-Rating, mAh etc.

Thank You