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Thread: Sound transmission horrible RapidFIRE (unusable) Vortex 150

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    Sound transmission horrible RapidFIRE (unusable) Vortex 150

    I don't know what's the matter with my setup, but I can't use it this way. I went to fly my Vortex 150 for the first time yesterday with my new RapidFIRE module. The video signal was okay, with the exception of one time when the screen turned pinkish with horizontal lines. Had to land and unplug my goggles and replug them in, then it was fine. The more pressing problem I'm having is the sound transmission. The sound that I want to hear, from the motors, is very faint. If I turn the headphones up high enough to hear it, whenever there is disturbance it makes a VERY LOUD scratching sound in my ears, which obviously is unacceptable.

    I trace this to the module itself, because when I use the NexWave RF module that originally came with my Fatshark Attitude v.3 goggles, the sound is fine. It only comes from one ear, but I think that's normal. I hope someone can shed some light on this for me, I'd really like to make use of the very expensive diversity module that I purchased. I figured it SHOULD pair perfectly with my Vortex 150, since they are both ImmersionRC.

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    I swear the more I read about Rapdifire the more I realize its a money grab. What a piece of crap. What happened to IRC??? They used to be the go to.

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