Oh happy days! Finished my build on my carbon boomed Skywalker and after reading 8000 pages of posts and watching 400 videos I GOT AN RSSI READING ON MY VECTOR! It was 3 am when it happened but it was like a miracle!

But, that's not why I am posting this. I believe in representing good vendors with stickers on my plane. Since the weather is too bad here in Tennessee to fly I have nothing to work on so I decided to pimp out my Skywalker with vendors I trust and use. I've got my RMRC on the horizontal tail, my Castle (wouldn't use anything else), my ET Systems, my Scorpion but it just doesn't seem complete without some Immersion RC stickers! I've been flying EZUHF for 7 years now and NEVER lost a plane. So, how about some stickers? PM me for an address, it's free advertising.
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