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Thread: Tramp hv loosing video

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    Tramp hv loosing video

    I am using a bardwell f4 board and have the tramp powered directly to the 4s lipo. My problem is I have great video until I power up the motors and get very slight waves in the video and as soon as I give more throttle the video goes to static. After that I can scan with my rapid fire module and there is no output from the tramp it is still powered. The only way to get it to transmit is to use the wand or push buttons on tramp.
    If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. Also this is the third tramp I have tried.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Similar issue here. I can fly for some time and the video is fine. When I change the lipo I do not get video anymore.
    Can be "repaired" by going to the menu via button... not a nice solution...

    Also bardwell F4 board but tramp hv connected powered by FC.

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