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Thread: 2.4 Pepperbox Is Amazing!

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    2.4 Pepperbox Is Amazing!

    I've been flying Alex's antenna's since starting in FPV 7 years ago. Flying 433mhz control, 2.4 has always suited my needs. I've owned just about every antenna I.B. has made during that time but the 2.4 pepperbox is a phenomenal antenna. I flew 14 miles out with my Skywalker and was getting RTHs (too low to the ground) but my video was rock solid the entire flight. My "antenna tracker" was a flying bud turning the pepperbox as needed while I flew. This was easy because the video would turn dark on the opposite side you needed to turn towards and then returned to perfection! In other words if I was getting a little dark video on the left I let my human tracker know and he'd turn to the right slightly and the video cleared right up. I was also using the Moxon on my EZUHF. I haven't found many discussions on this antenna but I get better results with the Moxon than I do with me Diamond SRH771. Not saying the Diamond is a bad antenna, just saying my results were better on this day with the Moxon.

    Oh, and I was using a 1w VTX and a Mad Mushroom. Forgot to add that.
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