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Thread: Lumenier DX600 DVR Is Great!

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    Lumenier DX600 DVR Is Great!

    I've been flying fixed wing FPV for years now and have dealt with many vendors. I have purchased from getfpv many times and have never been let down. But I gotta give major props on one of my purchases that just exceeds the quality of anything like it on the market. I am talking about the amazing Lumenier DX600 DVR.

    Like most pilots, I find recording my downfeed as a necessity. The only method I could find that met with my standards was my bulky old Sony Mini-DV. Don't get me wrong, the Sony worked great but it meant hauling the extra gear, bringing batteries, tapes, etc. Converting it over to my computer via firewire worked great but was an extra step (I save all my downfeeds in a folder on my computer) and gave beautiful video. I tried a lot of crappy Chinese junk to eliminate all this to no avail. Then I found the DX600. My ground station runs on 12v so I bought a step down to 5v USB that plugs right into the DX600 for about 5 bucks on Ebay and mounted it on my set up. This thing records equal if not better video than the old mini DV. It mounts right on my ground station and records right to an SD card for easy transfers over to my computer. To say I am pleased is an understatement. I have no connection whatsover with getfpv but believe when something works this good people should know about it. One less thing to haul to the flying site and this will fit in the palm of your hand. If your eye site is good enough you could even fly from the thing! At 104 bucks it's a no brainer if you are looking for something to record your groundfeed. If I ever lose a plane all my OSD info is right on the video. Thanks guys! I'll definitely be back for some more of your great products and love the super fast shipping!
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    Thank you for the support Pat, and for sharing your experience with the DX600. That has been a tried and true DVR for a long time now and continues to be one of the best available. Happy flying!

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