I'm nearly convinced I need to pony up for the TBS Crossfire to complete the project I've got started, which is fine. It's a long range, medium lift Y6 for a prototype emergency supply lift, w/ Navio2 flight controller, and a Taranis 9XE is on the way for it. But for the next build, a larger X8 for somewhat closer distance, the Frsky R9M 900MHz setup caught my eye, and I would really appreciate it if someone can give me a brief primer on how their telemetry works.

I'm used to older Futaba radios from the R/C plane days, and recently RadioLink AT10 II on our quads with Pixhawk controllers. The RadioLink AT10 II has full telemetry to the radio itself w/ PRM-03 module, but we have to use the 3DR SiK 900Mhz Telemetry Radios in addition to do MAVLink with the computer ground station. From everything I can read, the TBS Crossfire rolls that all into one - it does both R/C and MAVLink style telemetry to Mission Planner or QGroundControl over one radio.

As of 2019, how does Frsky telemetry compare to this? Is it more like the RadioLink style, where it only sends data back to the transmitter in your hand? Or does Frsky telemetry that you could get with a Taranis X9D Plus over the long range R9M module to R9/R9 slim receiver also have some output to a ground station MAVLink style?

Those of you that fly Frsky, thank you for the help, even if it's just to point me to existing threads to read. After several searches on this, Google just brings up threads that are from 2014 - 2016 about people trying to get Frsky telemetry to "talk" MAVLink, etc, and I'm sure technology has marched on, so just looking for newer info than I found already.