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Thread: Telemetry ESC for fixed wing 45A Suggestions

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    Telemetry ESC for fixed wing 45A Suggestions


    I am looking to get some new escs for a twin aircraft fixed wing. I would like telemetry including current and rpm. Does anybody have any suggestions of escs that they use?

    I have found Airbot Wraith 32 V2 BLHeli32 35A that seems to be similar to what I want. Does anyone have any experience with this esc on fixed wing?

    Appreciate any feedback.


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    No experience on a fixed wing, but on 550 - 650 multirotor quads. The Wraith 35A BLHeli_32 (V2 if you can swing it) is an awesome ESC, and I can't see how you can go wrong with it. It will do everything you want and is small/light weight too.

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    I ended up going with T-motor f45a https://www.getfpv.com/t-motor-f45a-...li-32-esc.html. Mainly because of their reputation. I think I won’t be getting as many features, but I really wanted a reliable esc.
    Thank you for your response, I will keep in mind for next time.

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    No worries, T-motor is a great brand - I went with nice sized 6S T-motors on the new Y6 build.

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    wraith metal V2 performing as expected in an ardupilot-based fixed wing setup. running standard PWM, using telemetry (temp / RPM). added 35V 470uF lowESR cap.

    cheers, basti.
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