Happy New Year everyone!

Been awhile since I've been on the board, and one of my NYR's is to spend more time with my planes doing fun FPV stuff, maybe trying out some gimbals on the big plane and perhaps picking up a GoPro 7 and seeing if its built in stabilization is as good as they claim. The DJI Osmo pocket also looks compact enough to get airborne so may check it out too.

Been mostly flying my Phantom 4 lately, uploading to stock sites to replenish the hobby fund.

Anway, here's a "selfie" video I did late last fall with the P4, testing out the active track to see how well it works. I switched to a iPad mini so I couldn't use the follow option (no gps on the mini) and see how it works. The Samsung S2 tablet I originally bought for the P4 had GPS, but was no longer supported for the newer GO app so I switched to iPad mini.