Haven't been able to find any info on the differences in terms of flight characteristics between the Drak and the Recon.

Both are aimed at long range, stability, smooth GoPro footage, etc... but while they seem very similar in many aspects I don't understand where the massive price difference is coming from. Is it materials used and durability maybe?

The Recon is the newer model also, so I assumed it'd be "better", but maybe that's not the case...

I've also read that the Drak is for flights between 50 and 90 mph while the Recon, so they claim, covers an envelope of 40 to 100 mph which would make me think it's a little more multipurpose? Correct?

Bottom line: Why would people choose the Drak over the newer and cheaper Recon? *
Or when would you recommend one over the other one? (Besides budget)

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