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Thread: Aiming for long range FPV wing: Drak or Caipirinha2 ?

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    I have flown quad copter for about a year and I just made the plunge over to planes. And I wanted to share a little. So I bought the nano talon for $100 it comes ready to fly minus the rx and fpv gear. It comes with a gyro stabilizer thing already installed that has three different modes, the first mode is beginner/ take off mode and that is the only mode I have flown in so far and it works amazing. The planes has taken off and flown no problems from the first take off. I would just punch the throttle and chuck the plane and its flying with the birds. The first time I flew it I ran into a pole don't ask me how it found the only pole with in 5 miles and exploded on it. At first I thought was that I am never going to fly planes again and stick to what I know quads. Once I got home and was able to assesse the damage I was able to with gorilla glue to glue the front of the plane back to the fuse and long story short it's back together and I have had 3 successful flights out a 3 and I'm hooked on flying as far as I can. BUT what I have notices is that planes are not stable platforms the wind/ turbulence bounces them all over the place. There are things to do to minimize turbulence though. Good luck and let's use know what you buy.

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    Nanos in general fly squirrley in the wind. It's airplanes with more mass to them that get banged around by the wind less.

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    The Caipi2 is excellent. Very stable and you can (have to actually to get the cg right) put an enormous lipo in it (6600mah) and it can fly forever. I agree with bungee launching. Especially for a maiden, which allows for a well out of trim airplane to stay airborne without stalling and give you time to get it flyable. Once a plane is trimmed and flying well, hand launching is alot easier. Also for a wing at cruise speeds the wag is minimal in the Caipi2 making for great site seeing. It's a weird wing because to look at it you'd think it will stall if you don't keep the speed up because it's relatively small for its weight, but it just hangs in the sky. I didn't think building it was bad at all. But I have built alot of aircraft so it may be tough on a new flyer.

    Edit the other really cool thing about the Caipi2 is you can land it anywhere. It just stops when it lands, instead of a long slide. The first time I landed it I thought I stuck the landing and I did. But it traveled like 3 feet instead of sliding on the grass lol.
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    I like the Opterra, lots of room for all kind of electronics

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    I went from mini quads straight to a mini drak with a tail boom kit, excellent performer. Bought a Recon 2 weeks later, the Recon is all I fly now it's a very capable camera platform smoother than any other Wing I have tried that my buddies have.

    Stay away from them cheap 100 dollar ones if there is any breeze at all they are all over the place and will ruin your experience.

    The recon can take a hard dirt nap pick it up and toss it in the air again.

    The investment is no more than a mini quad actually cheaper if you pick your power system correctly. There's lots of great alternative Power Systems that don't break the bank and perform just as good.

    If you want to see a lot of these in action check out Turtle Brown fpv he has everything out there imaginable and has videos on everything. He's always very responsive in the YouTube comments with his setups.

    If you already figured it out and having fun just keep enjoying it, if you haven't hope you find what you're looking for, best of luck!
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