This is actually a re-post after I didn't get any responses at RCGroups.


I am using this video switcher It connects and provides power to three cameras however allows me to select which camera to use.

The three cameras are the TBS 69 Cam, Runcam Eagle 2 and my gimbal CMOS zoom cam.

I have noticed a vertical line that moves across the screen on my other two cameras when I have the TBS 69 Cam connected to the switcher. In some cases there is an occasional flicker. The TBS 69 Cam does not display this interference.

I have tried several things such as:
Connecting an LC filter to the power input on vid tx and also on the power input of the gimbal cam. This provides the best outcome so far. Connecting LC filter to power input on Runcam Eagle makes no difference.

I have tried differecnt combinations of the above with no improvement.

I have also tried adding ferrite rings to cables without improvement.

As soon as I remove the TBS 69 Cam from the system, video displays no interference at all.

I would like any suggestions from others if possible.

Thanks in advance, Justin