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Thread: S Bus/Serial PPM Questions 8 Channel Diversity Receiver

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    S Bus/Serial PPM Questions 8 Channel Diversity Receiver

    I have an EZUHF 8 channel diversity setup that I have used for years in my my Skywalker and my old FY-31AP/Hornet set up. Many, many flights up to ten miles. Now, it's time to retire it.

    So, I have a new SW and the Eagle Tree Systems Vector FC/OSD and it's giving me fits. I'd like to hook it up S Bus or Serial PPM as that is what the manual stresses and most videos show. I had no idea what these even were but, as I understand it, S Bus is a Futaba proprietary protocol and SPPM is not. Is it possible to set the RX to either of these so I can use the one wire setup on the Vector? Or, do I just need to set it up the through the outputs? I'm concerned about the failsafe settings on the Vector and it seems these can be programmed easily with this configuration. Also, I'm sure this has been asked before but I could find no information on it. Thanks.

    Lastly, if this config is possible, does it affect the performance of the TX or RTX?

    Edit: Finally got the IRC software working with the driver downloads. Do I set channel one to "ppmmuxed" and that is my SPPM setting? I'll worry about RSSI later.
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