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Thread: trouble with nano goblin in wind

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    trouble with nano goblin in wind

    I have recently gotten a nano goblin and set it up with a taranis qx7 and a 900mhz rx. my video is a cricket pro and hoot antenna. I have viper goggles with a crosshair and cloverleaf antenna. I am running it on a strix 2s Li-Ion pack and the CG is balanced per the manual.
    Today I flew is in a 10-15 mph wind and it was really hard to control. I didnt have any issues flying my smaller and lighter umx planes though.
    I was hoping someone could help to provide some insight into why it was so difficult to control in the wind. I have linked a video from my flight today.
    I can provide any more details that are needed.

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    it's a tiny featherlight plane. it's not going to be steady in wind...

    ... unless you build it for flying in wind

    - a flight controller with gyros will do a LOT for you
    - heavier build, maybe 3S li ion pack

    though I fly mine in wind like that on 2S without much issue and not needing to rely on the gyros (but they make life nicer, and I do have a iNav FC)
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    What is nano goblin in wind ?

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