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Thread: Pixhawk Telemetry and FrSky R9 slim plus

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    Question Pixhawk Telemetry and FrSky R9 slim plus

    Hey guys, I set up my flying wing (Opterra) with Pixhawk and everything is working just fine, however, I've been flying all this time using an L9R receiver (2.4Ghz) but now I would like to change to the R9 slim+ (900Mhz) to get the extra range, my concern here is the fact that the pixhawk telemetry module is working also in 900Mhz.

    Are the two radios (RX and Telemetry) capable of interfering each other? Did anyone try this before? I was even thinking on flashing the R9 with the European firmware which works in the 860Ghz instead of 900Mhz range but they sacrifice the power output with this firmware.

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    Someone please answer this lol. I'm wondering the exact same thing but with a TBS Crossfire for control if you go European, is 868 mhz and 915mhz far enough apart?
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