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Thread: Marco Polo Locator

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    Marco Polo Locator

    I've been blessed !! I know it because I'm yet to lose a Wing-Quad-Plane and I fly out of LOS many a times. Sometimes up to 9 miles on my Stratosurfer on 1.3 ghz. but, I know my time is coming when I will lose a bird. I fly in a farming community where corn - beans are everywhere and putting a quad or wing here certainly would be a loss.

    So, I bought the Marco Polo Navigator. After doing a lot of reading and comparing, this seems to be the best choice. Yes is expensive, but so are our Quads-Wings-Planes with all our navgiation systems installed. Not to mention the countless hours spent looking for a downed bird.

    Reading the specifications on the system, is good if within 2 miles of the bird for location. If further out than this, drive in general vicinity until tracker operates.

    Would really like to hear from other users of this system. Again, it is expensive. Plan on being in this hobby for a while and want the peace of mind it offers when flying. Probably if I need it once, it pays for itself. So far in almost 3 years flying, no fly aways. Have been lucky.
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    I have the Marco Polo Locator, but fortunately didn't need it until now. I have tested it and it works, but it was not at a long distance.
    I am still convinced that it is the best system.

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