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    Hi guys, my name is Luca from Italy.
    I have a big passion for FPV and Long-Range.
    I like tu design and build a all carbon drones. My last creation is a X8 drone for recover fallen airplanes. it has a hook and three cameras to take the planes in unreachable places. It can lift about 25Kg, has an autonomy of 40min and 2Km of range.
    In this momente I build a miniSkywolker to learn how to pilot the gliders and I build a Skywalker1900 for about 50Km of range, it is a difficult challenge for me.
    I hope that in this forum I will be able to find the necessary help and I hope to make my contribution.
    Thank you all

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    Welcome Luca to the Lab!!!
    [SIZE=3][B]I will be OUTSIDE, so if anyone looks for me, I will be OUTSTANDING!!!![/B][/SIZE]

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