The Black Friday 2018 is coming soon, November 23rd, it is an excited day, it will have the biggest discount on that day. And the RC Hobbies fans will certainly be worth the wait, with some of the best deals you’ve seen this year on Gens Ace Tattu. This time, we will not let you down, let us see.Gensace & Tattu will be running a Black Friday Super Deals campaign, it will be divided into three parts, Facebook Giveaway, Pre-BlackFriday sale, Black Friday sale, Cyber Monday sale, with many hot seller batteries on unexpected discount.

1. Giveaway on Gens ace and Tattu FB Page

This year, Before the black Friday starts, we will hold a giveaway on our Tattu and Gens ace Facebook page. Without any purchases required, you are entitled to enter our giveaway before the sale launches. The giveaway will start on Nov. 15th, you could follow our FB page avoid to miss out this great news.
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2. Pre-Black Friday Sale on Genstattu

Pre-Black Friday will start on Nov. 20th, end in Nov.22nd, 72 hours only. Best deals on RC car batteries, drone batteries, and RC airplane batteries can be found at our deals page. BTW, it will have big surprise on pre-BlackFriday. Please pay more attention 20th to 22nd November.
3. Black Friday Deals on Genstattu

Black Friday will start on Nov. 23rd, only24 hours. But on that day, we’ll have the biggest discount all the year for most of the products on genstattu.

4. Cyber Monday Deals on Genstattu

Cyber Monday will be available on Nov. 24th and end in Nov.26th.
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There will be much more happening this Friday on, your great chance to take advantages for saving in every day’s RC supply. So please be prepare and look forward! More guide check here: