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Thread: VAS Ghost 22" triple motor

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    VAS Ghost 22" triple motor

    VAS Ghost 22" triple motor

    When does this come out please?

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    It should be out for Black Friday. Just have a few things to finish up (like the build video). This will retail for ~$39 or so.

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    Thanks, looking forward to it!

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    looking forward to this plane, Alex!
    NEF to the P to the V

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    Black Friday seems soooo far away...

    How has it been running as a slow flyer/small park flyer? Different motor combinations? Twin vs tri? FPV? Is it possible to direct solder an Ion antenna to vTx for light weight FPV?

    ...sorry, trying to be patient without being trying...
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    Yay, it's out even before Black Friday!

    VAS Ghost 22" waiting for that build video... ;^)

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    ...and now thanks for the video!

    hurry up mr mailman

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    Alex, I'm converting the Ghost tail to it's bigger brothers. Your tail is a proven design so I copied it onto the Ghost. With the electronics I have planned it won't be as lightweight as I would like, but hoping it flies as well as my other 3 VAS planes.Click image for larger version. 

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