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Thread: Tramp Pigtail Replacement

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    Tramp Pigtail Replacement

    I need to replace the antenna pigtail on my Tramp. What is the best method to remove the adhesive? What type of adhesive should I use to secure the new one? Thanks.

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    I use an exacto knife and carefully lift little bits of the adhesive off the face of the board careful to not touch any surface mounted components nearby. it stretches and comes up and soon enough you get it peeled away from the connector.
    I use heat shrink wrap to hold the new one (or original one if I'm just re-positioning it) I usually have the length of the pigtail running down the face of the board so the shrink wrap is holding a good bit of it secure that way I don't need any adhesive. You can also solder the edges of the connector together, start with tinning each part with a little blob and then bridge the two blobs. I only solder if I can't afford to lose the length of the pigtail the way I described it above since the shrink wrap won't have it very secure if you put it back the way it came...

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