Recently I have released my FlightZoomer apps, which provide unique Autopilot, Instrument, Cockpit and GCS capabilities. Over the years I often struggled to describe, what it exactly is, but let me explain point after point:

  • FlightZoomer works with ArduCopter- and ArduPlane equipped aircraft.

  • In minimal setup, FlightZoomer just connects with the flight controller using an existing proprietary radio telemetry solution.

  • Additionally a solution is offered, where onboard a smartphone is installed that runs either Andruav or my own FlightZoomer Companion app. This approach offers worldwide range.

  • Minimal operations dont require more than a telemetry link. As soon as just a telemetry link is there, the extensive IFR cockpit instruments suite supports safe flying just as real pilots would fly without sight.

  • Also only based on nothing but telemetry, a synthetic outside view provides an acceptable FPV experience (without transmission of video data!). Even at night or marginal viewing conditions, the synthetic view provides a fullHD 3D view of the landscape, and a correct representation of the view from the cockpit considering even the attitude of the aircraft:

  • As you guys anyway have real FPV gear available, you can embed the video feed seamlessly into the cockpit too. Either beside the synthetic view or instead of it. Integration works with USB UVC grabbers, RTSB or even with the 3DR Solo feed directly.

  • A terrain mapcolors the terrain elevation around the aircraft in colors: green: terrain is sufficiently below the current aircraft altitude, yellow: terrain is less than 20m below the current aircraft altitude, and red: terrain is higher than current aircraft altitude:

  • FlightZoomer is modelled after the full scale cockpit of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

  • The flying procedures and principles are also copied wherever possible from manned aviation.

  • Therefore you get IFR capabilities, that beat any other solution on the marked, that I am aware off (which might not be all of them).

  • On-top of Ardupilot's capabilities, you get 14 new autopilot modes, that again function like those you would find in a Boeing aircraft.

  • That means, that you get unprecedented autopilot capabilities, like select+hold track over ground, select+arm altitude, vertical speed, flight path angle, speed, follow flight plans using the LNAV mode.

  • The autopilot can be controlled via touch screen.

  • Additionally the flight can also be controlled entirely with the rotary controller Surface Dial:

  • Additionally the flight can also be controlled entirely (demonstrated to full stop landings!) using voice commands:

  • The system , consisting of navigation fixes, airports and runways. See in this video the end-to-end process of creating a navigation database and flying in simulator:

  • ILS approaches on the runways are possible.

  • Checklists are supported can be defined and structured by the user.

  • Working through checklists works interactively by voice synthetization and voice recognition.

The cockpit app is available with a launch discount of 100% for one more day.

More details on my homepage https://flightzoomer.com