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Thread: VORTEX 285 MYSTERY (won't arm, but everything looks good)

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    VORTEX 285 MYSTERY (won't arm, but everything looks good)


    I have a Vortex 285, which I purchased recently (I've been through 4 of these already), and it flew great for a while, and then just stopped arming.

    In Cleanflight, I can see all my radio inputs being received, the motors spin up manually using the sliders, and I have flashed numerous firmware versions without a problem.

    It was originally set to use the sticks to arm, but I've attempted setting it to use an aux switch, and it saves in Cleanflight, but just will not arm anymore.

    Any ideas of what is wrong? What information do you need?

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    Make sure your radio is trimmed properly for 0 throttle or it won't arm
    also if you are using stick arm you may need to add some to your end point if it won't arm
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    Connect it to the Configurator, Hit "CLI" and type "Status" - there should be a reason written why it doesn't arm.
    a "set small_angle = 180" and then "save" is never wrong, to be able to arm it in every position. Might save you copter if it hangs in a tree.
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