I was using the HD3's, Trinity module and Spektrum ix12 with HT success. My servo's and pan/tilt mount were a generic ($17) purchase in which I was not getting 180 degress pan. The entire system is less than one year old. Also using (with success) the EagleTree Vector fight controller & OSD. I purchased a Fat Shark pan/tilt servo and cameral mount (very hard to find available) so I could get 180 degrees pan. It works as expected when I run it from my ix12 but not with HT. In fact, my servo and mount that was working also quit working properly. What happens now is the pan will work as expected IF I keep the cameral below horizontal. As soon as I move the camera horizontal it goes crazy and recenters itself (or just goes crazy). This change occured the first time I tried to use the Fat Shark pan/tilt servo and camera mount using HT. I was surprised when it then also happened with my original pan/tilt servo ($17) set up. I concluded then that is was not the Fat Shark pan/tilt servo and camera mount.

I have read and read online discussions about similar issues. They talk about electromagnetic interference, problems with older Fat Shark goggle rods becoming magnetized, trying different start up protocols, trying differenct channels, and more. I have done all the concrete things I can think of short of trying new trainer cables and Trinity module (every post I read that tried new cables and module found that was not a problem and mine have been used very little). Where the system worked just fine before, it won't work now. So the external magnetic field issue seems to be checked. I can only conclude something is wrong in the goggles, and/or the module, and/or the cables. I would love any information someone can share how they solved a similar problem outside of what I have tried. I will eventually contact Fat Shark if needed. Thanks!