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Thread: New FPV Pilot from Maui, Hawaii

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    New FPV Pilot from Maui, Hawaii

    Aloha guys, FPV newbie! Been flying for over 10 years tried my hand at fpv several years ago with a DJI F450 and Fatshark system. Didn't have any local help and was uneasy flying without a spotter. Tried it for a few months but had difficulty getting used to goggles strapped to my face and not having LOS of my model. Abandoned this side of the hobby and went back to just helis, fixed wings and some gliders.
    Got the bug again to try it and dive back in. This time I found another and pilot nearby who was venturing into fpv too. Ordered some gear and started in again. Decided to give the FXT Viper box goggles because it could be used like a visor and enable me to see somewhat around me in the event someone came by. Being very hot where I live, the openness and airflow is awesome!
    I have a mini sky hunter and a Sonic Modell HD wing which I just maidened. Maidened went really well and it took off smoothly. Read some horror stories of pilots having problems with the hand launches and so I was a bit worried the first time out. Set my CG ahead of the door as others recommended and tossed her into the wind and away she went. Long story short, happy to here and my new adventure into FPV.



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    Welcome to the Lab!
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    Welcome to the Lab!!!
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    Mahalo for the warm welcome!

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