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Thread: EZUHF TX PCB missing part IC6 and need the correct values of some damaged parts....

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    EZUHF TX PCB missing part IC6 and need the correct values of some damaged parts....

    Hi dear members and followers,

    im not sure if anyone can help me. Better us

    I have bought a used EZUHF System. But i wonder about when i get started that the range are

    only one meter........after hours of testing i open the TX Case. and what i saw was terrible (

    I dont know what happends, but on the pcb i miss the IC6, instead of the IC was a little bridge soldered. And the condensator C31 and C33 are also damaged.

    My bid is the following. Cause i have absolutly nothing found in the net, maybee is there someone who can help me with the correct designation or the correct values of these parts.
    Thx for all your help.....Regards Airknee

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This was clearly not bought new, so I would approach the seller and get him to reimburse you.
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    Thx for quick repsponse, i know that is used, but the problem is not the damage,
    im able to repair it by myself. SMD soldering isnt tricky...If you have the right equipement. I got it. But i cant measure the condensators. They are gone....

    What im searching for, are only the values of the parts. Or the designement.

    The values of the condensators are very important.

    Everyone who has this TX Version 2, can easy help me to see on the top of the IC6 there are printed numbers. I have also contacted the guys from immersionrc. the repairmans....

    I got no answer from them. Hope anyone can help here........

    Thx for your support and commitment

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    what you have there is the TBS tuned TX
    the smd was removed on purpose to supposedly increase reliability and power output
    more info here

    I have the same version and works ok

    Click image for larger version. 

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