I don't know much about quadcopters, I know that I need:

1. Frame - preferably 210mm.
2. Battery - don't know anything about them but should be easy to pick one.
3. motors - I think racerstart are common but don't know which ones to pick.
4. Propellers, the ones with three blades.
5. Motors drivers - rated at 20A I guess ..
6. Radio controller - found one for $41.
7. Quadcopter controller unit.
8. Other necessary accessories.

Or how about this kit:

But with this kit I think I need a battery and a radio unit, right? So that would kick the price to like $150-180.

I'm just now about to order from Aliexpress and want to get advantage with the new shipping "Aliexpress Direct", so I thought to buy quadcopter parts for now.

I think I can't get all the necessary parts for $100, I mean the radio unit is $41 alone. So what you guys suggest for me?