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Thread: DVR Menu / Playback problem with Rapidfire + Dom V3s

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    DVR Menu / Playback problem with Rapidfire + Dom V3s

    Recently got a Rapidfire module for my Dominator V3's, and powered them using the feed from the Headtracker port. The module works fine, but i've noticed a problem with using the built in DVR.

    I can't see the DVR Menus or playback even when I use the module switch on the bottom of the goggles. It looks as if the module is drawing power regardless of the module bay power.

    If I remove the module, the DVR menu's work correctly, but that can't be a long term solution.

    Anyone have any ideas how to fix this ?


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    hi, Im having the same issue, did you find a fix for it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lurocfpv View Post
    hi, Im having the same issue, did you find a fix for it?
    Just to turn off the antennae in the rapidfire then it's all fine

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    Turn Antenna off??

    Quote Originally Posted by Etaardvark View Post
    Just to turn off the antennae in the rapidfire then it's all fine
    Hi, i'm having the same issue and looked to turn the Antenna off but i only seem to have 3 options, both on, upper on or lower on. Is there a way to turn both off?

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    Hi folks,

    i have same issue here, can't use DVR because i can't read the Menu.
    Also my OSD from Micro Eagle is total washed out. its better readable i can guess whats standing there, but i think this is another problem i have maybe Pal/NTSC issue. I will try other goggles to check if it is fatshark/rapidfire issue or comming from my new micro eagle...
    But the DVR is definitly unreadable with the ribbon cable installed.
    Because i installed the cable internal, i cannot easyly pull out the rapidfire...the cable hangs on it.
    If i would have to unistall it everytime my ribboncable will worn out soon i fear.

    Does the HD3 solder mod solve the issue? Does DVR work then normaly?
    As said by others the rx off switch does not power down the rapidfire propably because it is getting voltage via ribbon from other module bay, i guess this is where the problem starts.

    Any solutions?

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    I have done the solder powermod now from Joshua Bardwell and all my issues are gone.
    DVD menu is clear visible and also the cam menu is sharp. Video feed is also nice.
    Don't know why, but the ribbon cable version sucks...

    Soldering on the goggle wasn't that hard and it is definitly worth the task if you have HD3 and rapidfire.
    Just one thing little worries me, after playing around with it i guess total about 1hr the low power went to "yes" and voltage was down on 4.2v-4.0v
    How long can you normaly fly with a standard 18650er set?
    I never tried Rapidfire without any modifications, so i can't tell how it reacts if you do no mod at all.

    When should the low power "yes" normaly should start to kick in with solder mod?


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