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Thread: Please come back to FPVLAB and get off facebook

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    Please come back to FPVLAB and get off facebook

    I miss everybody and have a hard time understanding why you would all desert the lab in favor of Zuckerberg's crappy website.

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    Pilot Blizzard1287's Avatar
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    Conversations aren’t indexed so questions get asked a million times over again
    Some fly for attitude, others for altitude

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    Navigator schugabe's Avatar
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    FB is really no replacement for a forum. But yeah such "what platform is currently used" decisions are often not that logical.
    But I also think that the lab should be updated because it really looks dated and some things don't work that great.

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    No kidding. I am so sick of Facebook. I mean functionally, a forum is simply superior

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    It's just this board is so dead. I can't even get corporate sponsors to respond to a question. It just seems like this is dying and I hate that.

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    So I hadn't been here in ages and just decided to pop in today. This thread caught my eye.

    Sad to see the state of things here. Reminds me of a shopping mall with half the stores gone, and the rest barely clinging on.

    Not a fan of the facebook ecosystem. I miss the good ole days of the Lab!

    Thats all,


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    Yep, it has got awfully quiet around here.

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    I agree, facebook has taken over... a place where you can ask a question and get an answer in a matter of seconds.
    When nothing else out there will suit your needs... design and build it yourself.

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    And the same "what is rssi" questions get answered over and over again :-D

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    Who needs questions answered in seconds? This is a hobby, the point of it is to kill time. What's the rush? I spend months on builds.

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