Hey so Iím trying to get my RunCam split to take controls from my taranis, to start stop recording.

Iíve been trying to get this to work for sometime now. Everything is connected appropriately. Tx to Rx, Rx to Tx from the split to gps port on the the vortex.

UART 2 under ports is set to runcam

Aux 3 set to runcam power button.

Running betaflight 3.2.2
Iím thinking itís not working because Iím on BF 3.2.2.

So according to the the instructions (runcam split PDF), you should have >= Betaflight 3.2.0. but the latest up date is 3.2.2 on IRC website so will this feature not work?

Also I couldnít find any 3.2.0 firmware for the vortex 150.

Any suggestions?

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