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Thread: 5.8 ground station with 5.8 Tx for goggle feed?

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    5.8 ground station with 5.8 Tx for goggle feed?

    I have a tall tree on my property that I would like to permanently install a 5.8 antenna/Rx in a weather proof case high up in the tree and power it with hard wired power supply switchable from the bottom of the tree area. Maybe make the tree top station from a Clearview or La Forge goggle module installed the weatherproof case...

    I'll call it a "tree station" for the sake of discussion.
    I then would like the tree station to have a 5.8 Tx so I can receive the FPV feed with goggles when nearby on the ground.

    Can I choose two different frequencies within the 5.8 spectrum to make this work without the 'tree station' Tx interfering with it's RX?

    For the power supply I was thinking to use a 110 volt transformer/inverter that could drop and convert the power to a DC current that BEC device in the tree station could use to make proper power for the Rx module and Tx in the tree...
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    The dual 5.8GHz channels will work, I do it all the time using ch1 & ch8 on a given band. Using a 600mW 5.8GHz VTx on the plane and 7 turn helical antennas on the ground, I've been out over 5 miles using this type of setup with my antennas only about 8ft high. My ground station VTx is only 20mW, and I have an EagleTree EagleEyes ground station to split the video signal for re-transmitting. Unless the tree is a pine or other narrow growth type, there will likely be a large rf opaque shadow under/around the tree. Oh, cheap VTxs can change their frequency or stop broadcasting if they get hot, so sealed up in a weatherproof container may cause issues.

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