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Thread: Any Recommendations for a 2M Plane?

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    Any Recommendations for a 2M Plane?

    I have a need for a 2M plane that's capable of carrying a 3lbs payload (heavy camera/sensor assembly) and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a solid 2M plane? I tried out a Volantex Ranger EX but it was honestly the worst flying RC plane I have ever flown. I tried shimming the thrust line on that plane but it still flew unbelievably poorly, so that plane is not an option, no way will I ever put several thousand dollars worth of electronics in that thing. I know there has got to be a better option out there, but I'm struggling to find one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I love the ranger, i have the 1600 though. It carries all sorts. What was yours doing?

    Have you tried looked at options such at the Talon or X-UAV clouds?
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    MTD. Apart from flying a few degrees nose up all the time it performs great and has a wide flight envelope.

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    Ranger is good, MTD is good.

    I like the XUAV Talon the best of the 2-ish meter endurance/cargo ships so far. I like the Talon the best because it's more rigid the MTD. It flies smooth at 100mph whereas a lot of re-enforcement would have to go into a MTD to make it fly perfect at 100, it flexes under the aerodynamic stress. I like to cruise at 70+mph but just can't make small wingspan airplanes do that with any kind of endurance compared to the XUAV Talon.

    If you fly sub 50mph than the MTD is better than the Talon. It tracks better/smoother.

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