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Thread: Pet lovers here?

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    Pet lovers here?

    Let's talk about pets that are close to your heart, tell us something about your pet. How do you take good care of them, how do you train them? What good memories do you have with your pet? As for my dog, we are into water activities which are really fun. So in order for us to be on the safe side while doing some water activities, I'm thinking of giving my pet a life jacket for an additional security. Upon looking for a jacket for pets, I saw this dog life jacket which I think will make my dog safe around the water, on a boat, and at the pool. What do you think of giving a life jacket to a dog? Is it worth it?
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    So many memories of my little guy, lost him in April. Even though he was 19 years and 10 months (dang really thought he was going to make 20) that last trip to the vets is a tough one....
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