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Thread: New pilot, Louisville area.

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    New pilot, Louisville area.

    So you may have guessed my name is Doug, and I'm in Louisville Ky more or less (Clarksville). I just bought a new (old) vortex 285, a spektrum controller and a set of goggles I don't especially like (transformers). I got a screaming deal on the vortex but realized pretty early on that I needed to learn a lot. I picked up Liftoff and have crashed the quads in there a bunch.

    I've been involved in most forms of ground based RCs, mostly offroad racing, and have wanted to try out fpv for a long time now. I don't know that racing is what I want to do, but I do know I want to be in control, I think a camera drone would bore me to tears.

    I'm here looking to learn. I'll probably stick to the simulator until I can get a smaller fpv drone, I have the inductrix non fpv and am thinking the fv pro since it just went on sale, something I can fly inside in the evenings without trashing the place

    For the 285 I did already buy a couple crash kits, the carbon kit, the go pro recliner and the metal arm mounts already, a bunch of props.. but I don't now that its worth sinking any real money into it, with so many superior quads out there.

    Anyway, nice to meet everyone!

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    Welcome to the Lab!!!
    [SIZE=3][B]I will be OUTSIDE, so if anyone looks for me, I will be OUTSTANDING!!!![/B][/SIZE]

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